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The Perfect Mood On Demand

Sadly, most "Big Brand" air fresheners use mass-produced water & alcohol-based sprays that disappear FAST.

Instead, we use a unique, essential oil-based formula that delivers a blast of freshness instantly then hangs around in the air for days.

Never get caught stankin again!

Try Our Top Bestsellers Of All Time

Baby Powder Air Freshener

The Sweetest Memories Are 1-Spray Away

Does the sweet scent of a freshly powdered baby bring back special memories for you? 

If so, you will love this delicate combination of pure vanilla and sheer aldehydes.
This long-lasting, oil-based air freshener destroys embarrassing odors and instantly makes any room, car, or shared space ready for company. 

Pineapple Air Freshener

Your Beachfront Vacation On Demand

Imagine this...

Just imagine a tropical breeze blowing, a perfectly mixed drink in hand and cool water splashing against your toes as you walk along a Caribbean beach.
Now you can experience the ultimate get away with a single spray. 

This unforgettable oil-based formula combines mouthwatering pineapple with a sunny medley of mandarins and grapefruit. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Got Questions? We Got Answers!

Do these really last for days?
Yes! Our air fresheners are formulated with essential oils. Unlike water and alchohal based air freshseners that typically disappear in minutes, 3 sprays of these air freshners literally lasts for days on end (longer if you spray in your car)
Are these air fresheners safe?
Yes! All our products are made from essential oils that are safe for the environment and your skin. Every fragrance has been formulated to meet the strictest regulation of CARB, OTC, LADCO & IFRA regulations. Which means you can rest easy using it. Just make sure you never leave burning oil unattended and keep it out of your eyes.
How long is the shipping?
All products are manufactured in the United States & shipped from Atlanta, Georgia. We use USPS Priority Shipping, ship within 28 hours of your order processing and each package typically arrives in 3-5 days (however due to COVID, please be a bit more patient with the mail delivery services.) You will automatically be emailed your tracking details.
What if I don't like it, do you offer returns?
Yes! All products come with a 60-day guarantee. In fact, if you don't like the sample you can send it back and we will refund your shipping costs. That's how confident we are you will LOVE BluntPower. 
How big are these bottles?
Each bottle is 1.5 oz

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